The Original Change-A-Bead© designed by Beth Williams

A little bit of history...

The original Change-A-Bead Pendant was born in 1994.

Beth designed it in response to a friend's request for a simple way to wear a beautiful glass bead she had purchased from Kristina Logan. Beth, a metalsmith and fledgling beadmaker* herself at the time, set about working on a way to make the bead wearable.

The Change-A-Bead you see today is the result of a series of refinements that Beth has made over the years to her original design.
(*Learn more about Beth's lampworked beads.)

Simple to wear, elegant to look at...

Today the Change-A-Bead is a simple but elegant way to display and/or wear your most prized beads as individual works of art.

Its versatility allows you to change your beads at anytime. Simply slide your beads on, slip it onto a chain and go!

It is also an easy way to display & sell your collectible beads.

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Change-A-Bead Pendant
Beads by Maryjane Michaud


Change-A-Bead with Heart Bead
Heart Bead by Beth Williams


Hoop Beads & Hoops
Beads by Beth Williams


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